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is the detourist.

It is unclear where his traverses of mother earth started, while I cannot keep up with all experienced and what lies next and beyond.

He is a ridiculously proud Ragin’ Cajun grad, a rabid lifelong Liverpool FC fan, a long-time aspiring photographer, a freak audiophile and metalhead, an avid stamp collector and family guy. Add budding historian, geography fiend and diver-lover of the seas.

Mark has lived in 8 countries, is multi-lingual and is a careered 30-year Silicon Valley semiconductor equipment industry veteran.


Father & daughter, early 2000s... he thumbing through his latest travel pics from the Amazon while daughter learns more about animals of the world.

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showcases her work here having built the Detourist website & social media platforms - managing administration & book sales - overseeing social media content & strategy. Other skills include copywriting, event consultancy, creative career management, graphic design, and photography. Soon to begin a Masters degree in business, her B.A. in Business Management carried a concentration in Innovation & Enterprise. Raised in China with ethnic heritage comprised of Indonesian, English and Indian, Englesia has visited 30+ countries and can't wait to add to that number and to multiply the experiences.

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Memorable travel experiences: so many - from backpacking alongside Mark (starting from the inquisitive age of 8), to attending a traditional Bangladeshi wedding as a tween, to DJ touring in 10 countries (underground music festival in Kútna Hora was unforgettable)

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